Written by:  Chris Galvan
Blueray XL, LLC

“If a new mineral-based pool treatment product were the first of its kind not to need classification as a pesticide, then that would be groundbreaking. A company called Blueray XL is making that very bold claim on the heels of a recent ruling by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “


Trailor, Nate. “Rival Pool Chemical Companies Spar Over EPA Classification”

Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International, August 23, 2016


After almost three years of continually providing proof of our claims and method of operation to government agencies, Blueray XL is here to stay.  Blueray XL was finally approved and registered by CA-EPA in 2017 and available nationwide, as the first multi-purpose copper-silver based water-modifier/adjuvant for swimming pools and hot tubs.


What is an adjuvant?

“Adjuvants are chemicals added to a pesticide (e.g., chlorine/oxidizers in pool water) by users to improve the pesticide’s efficacy.” Source: U.S EPA. Other products registered as adjuvants to for use in pools include; Cyanuric Acid (pool conditioner), Hydrochloric Acid (pH down) & “Green to Clean” by N.C Brands

Blueray XL™ 7-in-1 Mineral Purifier & Catalyst™ is in a class all by itself; it is the only Copper, Silver & Zinc adjuvant for pools & hot tubs in the market. Blueray XL™ has a proprietary blend of minerals, cleaning agents, chelating agents, and sequestrants. Blueray XL is designed to be used as a multi-purpose water modifier (adjuvant) to reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).

Blueray XL will aid in removing anionic compounds through flocculation in the water and increase the rate of chemical reaction of pool & hot tub oxidizing agents. Blueray XL helps to burn off inanimate organic contamination with unmatched effectiveness. It is Ideal for “GREEN to CLEAR” treatments, cleans up dead algae, pollen, and other forms of non-living organic and inorganic water contamination for six months.

Blueray XL’s molecular composition is positively charged; therefore, it attracts negatively charged particles in the water. Negatively charged particles (contaminants) could be organic, inorganic, phosphates, etc. Most negatively charged particles bond with chlorine, breaking it down by oxidation processes happening between contaminants and free chlorine. When this oxidation process happens, chlorine is broken down, allowing less free chlorine to be available in the pool water; less chlorine means less oxidation of new contaminants introduced into the pool and less sanitation power.


How does Blueray XL solve the problem of low chlorine inefficiency?

Blueray XL acts as a long term non-filter-clogging mild flocculant. Blueray XL particles bond with these contaminants making a larger floc and precipitating it to the bottom of the pool to be easily suctioned by bottom drains or vacuumed and to trapped in the pool filter. By removing these contaminants into the pool filter and neutralizing them, we allow the chlorine to be more effective in the water, therefore eliminating most water quality problems and significantly reducing chemical use and labor, especially brushing.


How does Blueray XL keep working for six-months?

Blueray XL minerals detach from the contaminant-floc and continue working doing the same thing over and over again; this is possible due to an ion-exchange process that occurs between the minerals in the water and the copper-silver alloy Ionizer cylinder.

A quick rundown:

  • Blueray XL is a two-part product; it comes with a specially treated Ionizer cylinder and a mineral formulation of Copper, Silver & Zinc. Minerals dissolve in the water and are re-ionized by the cylinder (minerals detach from floc here).
  • Blueray XL-Boosters (minerals only) are used to replenish the minerals in the water at the six-month mark and for larger pools.
  • Installation is easy; add the Ionizer cylinder to pump or skimmer basket and add minerals to the pump or skimmer basket and turn on your filtration system to dissolve the minerals into the pool or hot tub/Spa. Blueray XL is Saltwater compatible, designed for any pool finish, includes stain inhibitors, and it is pre-measured for specific size pools and hot tubs/spas.


Blueray XL only sells directly to the Trade (service companies, and non-internet resellers). Blueray XL’s goal is to dramatically reduce specialty-product overkill and save service companies money and labor through a sustained increase in overall chemical effectiveness.


For more info or test sample requests by pool companies, please visit www.bluerayxl.com.

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