Student Testimonial from Community Association Manager

Student Testimonial From The Field

Student Testimonial From the Pool Office

Angel Torres


Rauf Iminov

Had a great class. Very helpful and great teaching.

Julio Herrera

Very nice and really knowledgeable.

Kenneth Zook

She loves what she does!

Michael Hill

Excellent program. Great take aways to use in “real life scenarios.” Excellent presenter & very patient.

Jon Shelton

Very informative. Excellent instructor.

Kaylee Abbey

Gave me so much knowledge and I am leaving here a smarter pool tech. She is amazing and extremely helpful she took her time to explain and break everything down for us.

Dionne Stracuzzi

Essential for everyone who owns or operates a pool. Lauren is great and very knowledgeable.

Denise Wagner

Very user friendly environment to learn in. She made sure we had materials we needed to improve our business. She made us feel like there were no stupid questions. Very knowledgeable.

Peter Falkner

This was my second renewal (third class) and has been far the best so far.

Walter Carranza

Mrs. Broom was really good. She knows how to teach in a fun way. Thank You!!

Brian Hagan

She was great & amazing.

Mark Healy

Great hands on. Funny, smart experience.

Michael Ovens

Excellent course. Awesome ,enthusiastic, bright.

Spenser Burlew

Great class. Awesome!

Cameron Dillon

It was very informational. She was very nice and a good teacher.

Eric White

I learned a lot I did not know. This class was very helpful. She taught me a lot.

Lori Feister

Informative and a great course. Lauren is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Nicholas Dydych

The CPO course exceeded my expectations. I thought that I knew a lot before about proper pool maintenance, but now I feel like I know it all and can go back and review everything I learned. Lauren was an excellent instructor and was a pleasure to have such a nice and well experienced and educated instructor.

Chad Gardner

Very informative and enjoyable.

John Kenbeek

A must for any pool professional. Lauren has done 2 CPO classes for our company and we will gladly use her again! Excellent instructor!!

Viki Conrad

Covered everything I expected and then some. Excellent instructor

Chaz Draur

Anyone interested in pool and spa industry should attend. Wonderful!

Andrew Ramsaran

This was a very informative class. Thank you for the good info needed to complete my job. Very well rounded class with a lot of knowledge about the material.

Erica Ramsaran

Very pleased with class and ability to learn and get my CPO. Instructor was kind, fun to listen to and wants your to succeed. Greatly admire and appreciate.

Leigh Gardner

Good course for anyone working with pools. Lauren brought real world experience from her health inspector position to the course by way of examples, hands on explanation and kept the course interesting with slides and examples from her daily work as an inspector.

Kyle Brown

I can really appreciate the instructor. She did a fantastic job teaching such a confusing course. One of the best instructors I have had. She made all of the confusing topics not so confusing.

Kevin Smith

Lauren did a great job of providing information answering questions and making the class fly by. Thank You!!

Tardon Ferrera

Very good course. I would recommend to anyone in the industry. Instructor was very knowledgeable in the information. Very friendly.

Bradley Shipp

Excellent course, learned a lot of new information. Lauren was very nice and a great instructor.

Gordon C. Herttell

Very informative. Good course, great teacher.

Dennis Zweifel

Good course. Very thorough instructor.

Xavier Garcia

Great course. Very good teach ability, easy to understand.

Ramon Diaz Hernandez

Great to have-you learn many things that you probably did not know. Instructor always on point and easy to understand. Great instructor!

Mark Wilkins

Pool course was informative and well presented. Our instructor was excellent-I know a great deal mere than I did!

Jeff Shaheen

Good teacher, good class.

Agustin Matos

Great information and well taught. Instructor had good knowledge of subject matter and presented well.

Kevin Marison

Thorough and great book. Wonder woman.

Dennis Kutzan

Very efficient.. Liked the process. No issues. Very personable.

Terrence Waller

Good course with a lot of info. Great instructor, very informed with good background full of knowledge.

Carlos Pratts

Lauren Broom is the best!

Chris Wall

The CPO class is a detailed resource for learning pool operation and maintenance concepts for professional service providers. Lauren is very knowledgeable in her field. She was very friendly and extremely flexible.

Brian White

I learned a lot of useful information that I can apply to my position at a property management company. Lauren was very knowledgeable in all aspects regarding pool care. She was eager to share her experiences with the class.

William Merklinger

Very informative and helpful whether first time or refresher. Lauren showed remarkable patience with somewhat rowdy group. Still taught all that was needed.

James Lycans

Great! She was very informative!

Johnnie Kaufman

Instructor was very good at explanations and easy to follow guidelines. Easy to follow. Very good speaking voice-plenty of scenarios-good problem solving.

Keith Quint

Class was very informative and I learned a lot more than I anticipated. Excellent job.

Thomas Fuller

What a great course. The best teacher ever.

Charles Brown

She is very good at what she does. Thank You.

Michael Kosky

Very informative. Very good class. Lauren Broom was very understanding and helpful.

David Colon

This course is very informative, made me understand how everything works a lot better! I am very pleased. It was worth the money I paid. Lauren Broom is very knowledgeable and a very good instructor. She cares about getting you the right information to keep the community safe. Great Job Lauren!

Felix Figueroa

Perfect presentation. Thank You! Very informative and easy to follow.

Tony Perez

It was very informative and I can tell I was able to retain the info. Lauren was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Leuvany Vega

The class was very helpful and very informational. Lauren Keep up the good work!!

Melvin Torres

Was able to obtain more knowledge and understanding to be able to use in the field. Instructor was very helpful and patient in order for me to understand omen of the more difficult subjects.

Juan Muntiel

I encourage anyone to take this course, very exceptional. I can appreciate one who takes time to educate one who wants to learn. Thank you Mrs. Lauren Broom for taking the time to educate me in my new career as a pool tech.

Horizon Pool & Patio

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did with the CPO course that was held at our facility. All of our technicians were very pleased with what they learned. They all said that you did a great job conveying the information in a manner that made it fun, interesting

Alan Wertz

Explains everything very clearly and is very helpful. I give her 2 thumbs up! Very relaxed and fun.

Jordan Grove

Explains everything very clearly and is very helpful. I give her 2 thumbs up! Very relaxed and fun.

David Ballard

Very nice, good teacher and easy to understand. Good class.

Raymond Joyce

I had an amazing time in the class, it went nice and smooth. Lauren Broom is a great teacher and I look forward to retaking it in 5 years with her.

Jay Cummingham

Great course, great instructor. Thank you for putting on such a great CPO course. I didn’t expect to learn anything new going into it, but was surprised with the amount of knowledge you were able to pass along. Your course will definitely be where I send all of my new technicians from here forward.

Michael Babic

A tremendous amount of great information that will allow me to take control of our pools! Lauren is a plethora of knowledge and shares it in an easy to absorb format

Norman Decrocher

Wish she was teaching my maintenance course.

Bruce Bowdoin


James Grimm

Wish she was teaching my maintenance course.Very informative, Great!

Roberto Herrera

Very nice, very informative and the fact that it is on the weekend is nice. I highly recommend the instructor, lots of experience and patience. Everybody should take the course.

Demetrium Brite

Great class. Great teacher. Teacher made tough issues become easy. Like her way of explaining.

Brandon Warten

Good learning experience. Lauren was a good instructor and I enjoyed the course.

Eli Matthews

Feel more confident in the pump room. Good teacher.

Michael Schmidt

Lauren made what can be a boring and dry course interesting.

Daniel Benitez

The CPO course was efficient in reviewing vital information important to any pool professional. I very much enjoyed the course taught by Lauren Broom and her perspective as a health professional. She was thorough in reviewing all aspects of pool care and ensured everyone understood the information provided.

Lee Ann Truehitt

It was very organized. The instructor is very knowledgeable and stays on course.


It was very organized. The instructor is very knowledgeable and stays on course.

Justin Burton-Stones

Good pool course, well taught.

Neil Santiago

The course is very complete and fulfilling. Very complete book with pictures and examples. Lauren is very confident and knows how to deliver the information across the room.

Eddie Vargas

Was very open and identified every chapter, well done. She did an excellent job in training.

David Santiago

It was a great learning experience. She was awesome!!

Chad Jimmerson

Very well organized course, keeps your focus and well educated. She was very well organized and passionate about she she does.

David Miller

It was a great learning environment. I walked out with confidence to do my job better. She was great – would recommend her.

Michael Williams

It was a well informative class. Can’t wait for my renewal in 5 years!  Very wonderful instructor. Wish she taught more and other pool courses I could take.

David M. Knapp

I learned more about pool care in the last 2 days than I have in the last ten years combined, excellent course. Lauren Broom has excellent teaching skills and personality to make learning the CPO process as fun and as pain free as possible!

Juan Nava

She was great!

Danny McClain

Mrs. Broom was very knowledgeable in material. She really enjoyed teaching the course.

Brian Welch

She was great! Easy going and informative. Thank You!

Mark Rourk

Best teacher yet.

Michael Tregear

Lauren was great. She got us to learn a lot in 2 days, but in an easy manner. Kudos to her.

Tom Jefferies

Fantastic course, very informative, clear and interesting. I am completely new to pool work, Lauren did a great job bringing us up to level. Superb instructor. Will definitely use again.

Tristan Panasuk

Great teacher. Made me feel at home. No stress and funny, witty. I will use her again next time.

Ron Kleinfeld

Love her method. Great presenter.

Todd Dickinson

Lauren, I attended your June 6-7 Class in Melbourne and wanted to let you how much I appreciated your help in understanding the proper care of pools. Your help and instructions made the class fun and educational. Once again thank you

Kimberly Cleary

The course is good. All the information needed to keep pools healthy. Lauren is very entertaining and knows so much about this course.

Katie Lewis

Good Job.

Matthew Sviben

Very informative. Flow of course material was very beneficial. Will definitely recommend to any and all pool operators. Lauren Broom made the CPO course exciting and informative. Her teaching style is top notch.

William Eddings

A good job teaching.

Will Wallace

Excellent Teacher.

Jon Hale

Seems very informative & innovative. Seems to enjoy teaching the class which makes it pleasurable. Lauren is very thorough and informative. Her innovative teaching procedure is a break from the norm.

Buddy Johnson

Very well instructed. Very knowledgeable & good instructions.

Jeff McDaniel

Very informative, descriptive, detailed. A lot of good stuff. Lauren was very informative, nice and to the point.

Maire Kaiser

Very informative. Very good at explaining everything and knowledgeable.

Mark Santora

This course was very informative! Lauren was very patient with all students.

Michael Smith

It is a lot to take in ! But very important in the biz! Lauren is very good at what she does! Thanks!

Alfredo Fleitas

Great class to learn about pool and spa essentials. Instructor is very knowledgeable.

Douglas Harrington

Packed with information. Instructor is extremely knowledgeable about subject matter.

Thomas Gathman

Very educational, much needed information. Instructor was very informative, makes class fun & enjoyable, very knowledgeable.

Michael Galati

Lauren was very interested in giving us all the info we needed.

Stephanie Prokopp

Very lovely lady and I enjoyed the class very much. Excellent class!

Leisa James

Awesome teacher and personality. Very knowledgeable in all aspects!

Jesus Vega Alcazar

It’s a mind blowing experience where you learn all the facts you need to becoming a responsible CPO. She’s an excellent teacher who makes your experience great and easy. I feel lucky to learn from her.

Wallace Montgomery

I had a great tie doing this class. I’ve learned a lot in this CPO course. I am looking forward to doing this class over again to renew my CPO certificate. My instructor did an excellent job showing me what I needed to know about the pool industry.

Alan Goodnow

It was very informative. Lauren Broom was a peach. Made you feel comfortable and at ease in a stressful time. Thank You.

Paul Mockler

Very Good.

David Barker

An excellent course with huge amounts of knowledge available for all aspects in the pool industry. Our instructor “Lauren” goes above and beyond to help everyone in her class! Fabulous teacher! Thank You!

Michael Radwich

Good course. Good instructor.

Ricardo Estevez

Class was great and learned a lot. Great instructor, explained information very well.

Jack Wood

Very good instructor, spoke loudly and clearly.

Clay Starker

Great course, very informative!

Katie Amiot

Content is dull obviously but I learned a lot and will come in handy. She was very personable with stories, pictures and being fun.

Spencer Tysor

I enjoyed the class. The information was given in an easy to understand format. She was fun and informational. Every question was answered quickly and in an easy to understand way.

Delisard Gonzalez

Great course, heavy material load but the instructor tried to keep everything light. Good amount of breaks. Great instructor! No complaints. She was very approachable and understanding. As an instructor I give her a 10 our of 10.

Paul Tripi

I found the course informative, educational and interesting. She is very thorough.

Charles Lovell

She keeps it lively.

Steven McDonald

The course was very helpful and informative. She was very friendly and made the class enjoyable; was very knowledgeable of the material.

Rodd Fountain

The course was great. Tons of info anyone would need to get to be certified. Lauren Broom was perfect. Got the info I needed and she made it easy as well as fun.

Jaroslaw Dziubeu

Intense, good material, highly recommend. Lauren Broom is a very knowledgeable person, having all the certifications from the different industry.

Gary Clayton

Very good course for all pool services. Great knowledge of pools and how they work. Perfect two days of teaching.

Jesse Ludwig

Lauren was great! She made the class fun and kept my attention.

James Fatzinger

Very knowledgeable. Very good.

Sean McMullen

The certified pool operator course was very good and I had a lot of fun. The instructor performed all chapters and activity very well.

Kenneth Lambert

Awesome! Very thorough and attentive to your needs and questions!

Molly Frankenburg

This class is very informative. Great class to take. Instructor is very friendly and helpful. Had a lot of fun in the class.

Ramon Vega

She was good, she gave lots of info that I was able to understand.

Lauren was very nice and helpful and was patient when we kept asking the same questions.

She is great!

John Wambser

Great. Excellent and keeps you motivated for more knowledge.

Michael Cardinal

Very pleasant and knowledgeable.

Ken Copes

Great deal of information, which is necessary to become an informed and knowledgeable pool operator. Lauren is very knowledgeable in her field, kept class moving along at a good pace. Great sense of humor with stories from the field.

Alex Escobedo

Great instructor!! Answered all of my and my classmates questions very well. Eager to teach. Lauren has been very patient with all students and very eager to always help. Would refer Lauren to be anyone’s instructor in attaining the certificate for CPO course. Very satisfied!

Joe Hughes

She is great!

Paul Dunkley

She is great! Very useful information. Didn’t miss a thing. Covered everything, very personable.

Anthony Hughes

Was great and awesome.

Edward D’Alessio

Very Intuitive, sociable and great in explaining things. Good course and has a lot of information if you want to be in this business. A must take course. Very good teacher and cares if you are learning the material.

Jorge Diaz

Very nice, helpful and very good explanation.

Charles Shanklin

Very nice with great personality.

Richard Bingold

Very informative and energetic instructor! Material was presented in such an easy to understand format, very happy I took this course!

Joshua Reich

The class itself wasn’t very difficult, even when you’re not familiar with a lot of the chemistry. Instructor was very nice, personable, and very sociable. Knows what she is talking about, very thorough and is really goofy in a good way.

James Newcome

Very knowledgeable-made info easy to understand.

Gregory Gottlieb

Great deal of information, excellent instructor, funny & keeps class’s attention. I feel like I can go into the field with a sense of confidence.

Mark Goodwin

Very upbeat! Full of energy, very knowledgeable.

Shoreline Pool Service

Everything was good! Very knowledgeable.

Jaime Perez

Very good information. Excellent instructor. Instructor was very helpful.

Carlos Maceda

Awesome, very knowledgeable. Knows what she’s talking about.

Very helpful. Very informative.

Carlos Paez

Very informative and fully encompassing. Great energy, a talent for teaching.

Jaime Perez

Very good information. Excellent instructor. Instructor was very helpful.

Eduardo Gonzalez

Good instructor.

Carol Ann Camillo

Great teacher–learned a lot.

Americo Anzola

It was a very nice course, teacher was very helpful in helping me learn

Windy Julien

I liked her and she was very nice.

Juan Aluma

Loved the course! Great professor who took her time to go through the learning material until she made sure everyone understood it perfectly. Highly recommend it for everyone that has to deal with public pools at any level.

Christopher Repcik

The curse was very detailed and I got much more out of it than I expected. I would highly recommend the course to any one who wants a better understanding of pool operations.

Jose Hernandez

Great course. I liked the instructor. I think she did a great job of giving us all the info we needed in the short time we were given.

Bruce Donahue


Justin Zelik

The best CPO course I’ve ever taken! She was excellent!!!

David Cockran

She did a fantastic job. I passed!

Shea Holmes

Made it fun! Very enjoyable. Easy to learn. Instructor was very amicable! Fit in with our eclectic crew.

Ron Totz

Instructor was great!

Mark Borders

She worked hard to get us the info we needed to learn and pass the test.

Greg Estep

Great class, definitely helped with the understanding of the expectations for the industry. Lauren is knowledgeable, patient and great personality.

John Sirounis

The class was very informative and never had any uninteresting content. Very helpful class. The instructor kept everything interesting and was funny. She kept my attention the whole time. I look forward to having her in 5 years for my renewal class!

CJ Jones

Lauren Broom was exceptionally helpful in getting me enrolled in the online class and even offered to let me sit in on the regular class for extra help. Sitting in on the first day hit home a lot of the math formulas I was struggling with on my own. Concise but thorough. I was given everything I needed to pass with flying colors.

Jim Houle

Very informative and knowledgeable!

James Shearer

Great information, well presented, fun! Great at driving points home!

Troy Yates

“I’ve been working with pools for 10 years and I still feel like I learned a lot! Great experience! The instructor is awesome, she made the class fun and interesting! Great attitude and personality.

Kyle Roberts

Was easy and easy going. I learned a lot. Was awesome, fun and very helpful.

Justin Andrade

Great instructor! Efficient teaching and focused on important and more difficult sections. Definitely recommend to other professionals.

Gary Lee Tweitmann

Very informative, updated course information since last time I took it. True pleasure to listen and learn from.

Walter Todd

This course is very informative, and I would recommend it to anyone starting a career in the industry regardless of whether they are doing commercial or residential. Lauren is very knowledgeable in the subject, and also very friendly and outgoing.

Tammy Becker

Very informative, very well spoken. Enjoyed the stories and pictures to go with the class.

Peter Duckworth

Lauren certainly has the experience and knowledge to instruct pool operators. Very personable.

Michael Walsh

The course delivers a lot of info in a short amount of time. User friendly with the pool & spa operator handbook. Lauren is a happy soul and makes learning the course a breath easy, low pressure wiz quiz to navigate through. Thanks from Willow Brooke Village.

Michael Brown

She was great, hope she’s here in 5 years for me.

Douglas De Queiroz

The CPO course was very good. I learned a lot from this course. I recommend everyone that works as a tech like me to do it. You can learn more as you do the class. Lauren was very professional and loveable person. Easy to understand and very clear the way she teaches. Thank You Lauren!

Carlos Alvarado

Good instructor. Nice and friendly, very knowledgeable, great teaching methods!

Jim Roxburgh

Great instructor, funny and informative, knows course material forwards and backwards.

Jim Kurz

Lauren is knowledgeable and a great instructor.

Ryan Robinson


Lucas Jordan

Lauren is passionate about her material. I learned new information that I did not know before. Great hands on approach content.

John Lothrop

Very educational and informative. If you are taking care of a pool, this is a course that would be very instructional, and would be very helpful from class to work. Lauren taught a great course, was very helpful and patient.

Ryan Robinson


Mark Heath

Very professional.

Johnny Lee

I feel the course was good. The instructor was very knowledgeable.

Lee Keller

Very knowledgeable, learned a lot of new pool facts. Lauren was very helpful and educated.

Chuck Demino

Very informative, knowledgeable, hands on. She wanted me to learn, not just pass a test!

Geri Lau

Very good class!

William Thornton (Bill)

Hey there Lauren
Well I got an awesome new position as a pool tech at Ocean Hammock Resort. I start Tuesday at 6 am. 13 pools on different properties. One of the pools is called the lazy river. People floating all around the resort, kind of like being on a river without the fish. You know what I am saying. Salt water pools, commercial, etc. So much to learn. I think what I’m going to do is read a chapter each week and apply it to my work. If I keep doing that over and over I might just make a good pool tech after a while. Your class was a great way to start, and I really learned a lot. I can see you can really go deep into this if you apply yourself. I still want to attend your class again in March if that’s ok. Well I guess I will close this out by saying, this is going to be awesome! Have a great weekend!

Decarius Turner

She was a great instructor and keep doing what you do. Thank you, I enjoyed the class.

Steven Scardina

Lauren is very knowledgeable and polite.

Chris Moran

It was eye opening and definitely made me feel prepared to handle an aquatic facility. She was fun, intelligent and very informative. I do hope our organization continues to choose her for our CPO course.

Thomas Dorminey, Supervisor

Great instructor, great class. Learned so much over the course dates!

Thomas Gaylord

A lot of info to absorb but very interesting to realize what a technical and demanding job caring properly for a pool is! She was very professional and knowledgeable about subject matter and presented it wonderfully.

Reed Angeline

Very nice, she tells stories to make it interesting.

Alex Hernandez Jr.

Great class, wish it was 3 day class. Very well prepared.

Wiler Celestin

Very informative. I would like to have her for every class.

Abiu Gonzalez

Excellent course. The best class ever. I will see you in 5 years! I definitely recommend.

Ken Anuszkiewicz

Lauren is very patient and explained everything anybody had questions on.

Louis Ornelas

The best teacher you can get is Lauren. She takes the time to teach you right.

Julian Newton

Very good presenter. Clear voice.

Gregg Evans

Very good presenter. Clear voice.

Julian Newton

The class I attended in Kissimmee Florida taught by Lauren exceeded all of my expectations. I feel I am much better prepared as a pool operator. Lauren presents the material in a very easy to understand format. She provides ample time for questions and prepares you very well for the test!

Kevin Dragstedt

Very detailed and positive.

Robert Vesely

Learned a lot! Thanks! Excellent instructor! Held audience attention and kept enthusiastic for 2 days!

Scott Payson

I was surprised we did not get bored at all. Good instructor, good presentation. Right to the point!

Kevin Dragstedt

Very detailed and positive.

Edward Medrano

The instructor is a very good teacher and she knows her stuff. The course helped me out with a lot of math issues that I did not know about before and all the proper procedures.

Jack Kerwood

Good teacher, nice person.

Carlos M. Barreto

I will be back to take this course with the best teacher ever!!! Lauren Broom. Great instructor, this should be taken by anyone who wants to be CPO certified.

Jonathan Burrell

The most knowledge in 2 days. She went above and beyond to make sure all of us learned all aspects of the pool business.

Luis Govantes

I am surprised how much I learned in such a short period of time. She is a great instructor!

Dustin Ridge

She was very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for teaching me everything

Jarred Lewis

This course is very informative and useful for the pool professional. Lauren Broom was great. Very helpful and informative when it came to teaching this course.

Rafael Teixeira

Very informative. As nice as they come! Would recommend to anyone!

Mark Angel

Overall good experience.

Daniel Tanner

A lot of information but Lauren did a great job of keeping myself engaged. She answers questions in detail and I have no experience so I had a lot I did not feel rushed or behind others who are on the industry

William Berrey

Very well organized course covering all aspects of pool operation. Lauren presents material in a professional manner in which everyone was able to understand easily.

Stephen Schardin

Lauren was overall a well rounded instructor. She was friendly while still giving a lot of information.

Lewis Fain

This is an excellent course for anyone wishing to quickly advance their technical knowledge of the pool and spa industry. Lauren does a great job of combining technical expertise with solid real world application experience.

Teresa Rierson

This course was very informative and well taught. Lauren was knowledgeable and made the class fun.

Billy Davis

Great course! Great instructor!

Ron Pesce, Property Mgmt.

Lot of detail and learning experience. Very informative and very good.

Rachael Phibbons

She is very informative. Took the time to explain things and was also very kind.

Michael O’Loughlin

This is a great class for anyone that owns or operates a pool even if it is for private use.

Michael Wilson, Property Mgmt.

Lauren kept it fun and interesting and involving.

Brian Morse

Course moved along smoothly and very informative. Instructor has passion for the industry and its safety. Very knowledgeable.

Daniel Pollitz

The course was awesome, very informative. The instructor was very energetic and hands down awesome instructor.

Erin Fandel

The course was awesome, very informative. The instructor was very energetic and hands down awesome instructor.

Walter Carranza

I learned more about the trade. Real helpful info. Best teacher award!

Deborah Rider

“I really enjoyed my class with Lauren, she knows her stuff. Lauren was very helpful and a great instructor. When I have to retake my test I hope she is my instructor again.

Richard Ashley

“Very informative and involved. Very comprehensive in the chemistry and workings of pools & spas. Lauren is very informed in her field of expertise. I would recommend her for any of her classes.

Joel Rottermond

It was great! Good teachers hands down!