New Virtual Pool Inspector Course

100% Live Virtual Certified Pool Inspector® Course

CPI training will give students a foundation for how to perform an inspection, help them be ready for an inspection and know what potentially their inspector may be looking for! It helps to differentiate them from the other pool professionals in their area. There may be a lot of pool professionals in your area conducting inspections, but not everyone can state that they are certified. The CPI can be a huge benefit as a marketing strategy and add another service and certification to your resume!


Exam Information

To become certified as a CPI (Certified Pool Inspector®), you must complete the CPI course and take the CPI Exam. An additional registration form and $115 fee for the CPI Exam is required. The CPI Exam is 1 hour long, open book, with 35 multiple-choice questions. You must score 75% or better to pass.

Choose How to Take the Exam

Candidates must submit a completed application at least 14 days in advance of their anticipated testing date.

  • On a computer at a PSI computer testing center near you. Computer testing gives immediate test results and flexible time to take the exam. No fee for this option
    To see if there is a local PSI center near you for this option then click here
  • On a computer remotely proctored at your convenience. Remote proctored computer testing gives immediate test results and unparalleled flexibility to take the exam.  Additional $40 fee for this convenient option

Certified Pool & Spa Inspector® provides a standardized training program for health officials, pool operators and home inspectors to conduct pool and spa inspections. CPI® focuses on these topics with a live virtual format:

  • Understanding the basis for code requirements and why a violation is a public health hazard
  • Performing an inspection of the pool and spa area Evaluating swimming pool operation and maintenance
  • Assessing the circulation system and its components
  • Evaluating a facility for VGB Act compliance
  • Recognizing the elements of spa inspections
  • Understanding recreational water illnesses
  • Maintaining supervision and operator records
  • Recognizing the elements of aquatic play features
  • Understanding swimming pool design standards and their impact on public health

    Purchase of this 6-hour live virtual online course includes a handbook.

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