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Episode 12: Let’s Talk About Childhood Drowning & Prevention

In episode 12, Lauren Broom interviews Richard Kauffman on childhood drowning & prevention.  This is the start of the summer series on Childhood Drowning & Prevention.

Richard Kauffman is the founder of Save 185K LLC The Kels Group aka The Drowning Warriors Podcast and Kels Marketing with over 30 years’ experience in business and marketing along with 26 years of personal real-life experience in regard to water safety and drowning prevention.

 Richard has had personal conversations with aquatic professionals and leaders from around the world. Those on the front lines of water safety and drowning prevention. After speaking with many of these leaders and over 30 years in business experience he recognized some of the problems that face water safety and drowning prevention. He developed a leading water safety and drowning prevention podcast that goes out to over 100,000 aquatic professionals across the globe. Richard has interview over 1,000 aquatic professional and families that have lost a loved one due to drowning and non-fatal drowning who share their story to give a voice to those who no longer have a voice.

 Richard’s mission is to save 185,000 lives from drowning each year worldwide and over 1 million lives from nonfatal drowning by June 15, 2029. His message and story has been recognized all over the globe as he speaks directly to the problem and looks at the solutions to provide the outcome that those on the frontlines desire.

 Richard has built very successfully multiple businesses in the sports and recreation industry as well as several internet businesses. He currently runs and operates a successful social media marketing company that caters to the aquatics industry, Kels Marketing.

 Richard attended Ohio State University and studied business and marketing in 1980 and following the period at The Ohio State and playing soccer he then went to Columbia South American to further his sports interest in soccer as he played 2 years professional soccer in Cali Columbia 1981 & 82  before returning to the United States where he then entered the U.S. Air Force in the fall of 1982.

 Richard is married to his wife Lori and has combined 8 children with 11 grandchildren and is living his dream to make a difference and spread his mission and message plus his story of his daughter Kelsey about water safety and drowning prevention.

Episode 11: Let’s Talk About Pool Heating

 In Episode 11,   Lauren Broom discusses all about pool heating with Tom Soukup , owner of Patriot Pool Heating.

Tom Soukup, the founder and President of Patriot Pool Heating, began this journey over 12 years ago as a boiler expert.  Over the years, Tom has been brought into the pool heating industry as a consultant and designer for hydronic pool heating.  This consulting led to Patriot Pool Heating being formed in 2017, which focuses on High-Efficient Pool Heating Solutions.  Tom has since designed a high-efficiency indirect system that has won several awards and articles.  Tom is recognized by NESPA, The Propane counsel, Architect Firms, and Pool Designers as the go-to expert for pool heating for any size project.

Episode 10: Let’s Talk About AOP with Clear Comfort

 In Episode 10, Lauren Broom interviews Tom Schaefer, Technical Sales Director with Clear Comfort on alternative sanitization using AOP.

Enjoy this episode as we are heading into chemical shortages and their system could be beneficial to look at.

Episode 9: Let’s Talk About Future of Pools in 2021: Special Roundtable Episode

 In Episode 9 a roundtable speaks about the future of pools in 2021.
We speak about chemical shortages, materials shortage, COVID 19 and the economy and much more.
Special Podcast Guests:
Tom Soupkup, Owner of Patriot Pool Heating, Inc.
Eric Knight, Vice President of Business Development, Orenda
Ward Chace, General Manager, Conely Company
Tom Schaefer, Technical Sales Director, Clear Comfort

Episode 8: Let’s Talk About Winterization of Pools with Orenda

 In episode 8, Eric Knight is the guest to speak about winterization of pools the Orenda way.

Eric Knight is the Vice President of Business Development at Orenda Technologies.
He is a former competitive swimmer who got into the aquatics business to improve indoor air quality in indoor swimming pools. Eventually this led to water chemistry, and now Eric focuses most of his time on research and educating the industry on water chemistry and best practices.

Episode 7: Let’s Talk About 2021 Texas Winter & Pools

Episode 7 is all about the 2021 Texas Winter and how it affected the pool industry.

Podcast Guest: Chris Bowen
Owner of Bowen’s Pools, been in business for 4 years. They service around 165 pools a month, renovate close to 150 pools this year and build 20-25 pools. They have won Best of Denton County and have been named Living Magazines Best Pool Company 2 years in a row for both. He is a member of the Tributary revelation, member of Genesis 3 Inc. and was named to PoolPro Magazine’s Top 30 under 40 last year. 

Episode 6: Let’s Talk About Skimmer

Podcast guests: Jack Nelson, CEO & Ryan Hash, Director of Customer Support

Founded in 2017, Skimmer is the leading pool service software in the market – and it’s the most intuitive and easiest to use pool service app available! 

 We have known many pool guys (and gals) over the years, and all of them loved providing pool services for their customers, but they were tired of trying to run their businesses with stacks of paper or hard to use software. All of them tried finding a better solution and were frustrated with their options as nothing was built for the modern pool professional. 

 So we decided to build the pool service app our pool guys wished existed, for pool guys & gals everywhere – Skimmer!  We now have a lot of happy customers with over 6,000 users servicing over 150,000 pools per month – and we are growing quickly!

 Skimmer is an online-based app built for both back office professionals and pool techs and is available on the desktop (web app admin), iPad and iPhone & Android devices (for pool techs).  
Skimmer makes running a pool service company completely paperless by managing contact and service information for all of your customers, mapping & optimizing daily service routes for all technicians and listing items required for the day’s routes. 

Episode 5: Let’s Talk About The Pool Trader App

Episode 5 is about the Pool Trader App
Pool Trader is a free app made by a fellow pool pro. A place everyone in the industry can go to buy, sell and trade pools. The mission is to help all my fellow pros to get as tight a route as possible, maximizing profit, and giving you more time each week.

You can also advertise your company for free to alert other pros you are looking for more work. Free app, free leads, everyone working together in one place, Pool Trader!

Episode 4: Let’s Talk About Acid Magic

In this episode, Aaron Trapp, Marketing & Sales ManagerACID Magic | Certol International, LLC  was interviewed regarding the product Acid Magic, a non-fuming muriatic acid. 

Company/Product bio:

Certol International has been manufacturing chemicals for the healthcare industry since 1979; detergents, disinfectants, sterilant and others. In 2001 ACID Magic was introduced as a safer alternative to traditional muriatic acid with added safety, storage and shipping benefits all without compromising performance and strength. ACID Magic recently won the Best Service Industry Product at the 2019 International Pool | Spa | Patio meeting. 

Episode 3: Let’s Talk About Starting A New Pool Company

Episode 3 features podcast guest, Jennifer Amato, Owner of Piranha Pool Service based in Tucson, Arizona. This episode details how her and her husband started a pool service company from training to equipment etc.She worked as a corrections officer in…

Episode 3 features podcast guest, Jennifer Amato, Owner of Piranha Pool Service based in Tucson, Arizona. This episode details how her and her husband started a pool service company from training to equipment etc.

She worked as a corrections officer in Ohio and decided that just wasn’t for her. Her future husband and Lead Tech, Nicholas Foulk, came up with the idea to start a pool company. They moved in August 2020 to Tucson and began their journey. It has been an amazing experience so far. Piranha Pool Service is a small, family owned business that cares about making sure our customers receive quality service and look forward to networking and building friendships within the community we live as well as the pool service industry. 

Episode 2: Let’s Talk About Covid-19 and Pools Here & Now

Episode 2 of Let’s Talk About Pools Podcast is the latest information regarding COVID-19 and pools as we enter into a period of time with increased cases across the country. Listeners can learn how to minimize infection by methods and other practices…

Episode 2 of Let’s Talk About Pools Podcast is the latest information regarding COVID-19 and pools as we enter into a period of time with increased cases across the country. Listeners can learn how to minimize infection by methods and other practices that they can follow in their facilities. This topic is conducted with host Lauren Broom and guest speaker Craig Sears.

Guest Speaker: Craig Sears

Craig Sears is President and Owner of Sears Pool Management Consultants, a 23-year old firm specializing in the operation and management of commercial swimming pool facilities in the Metro Atlanta area.  Growing up in Atlanta, Craig swam competitively year-round from the age of 9 through college. Craig received a degree in Biology from Washington and Lee University and an MBA in Management from Georgia State University. With over 25 years experience in the aquatics industry, Craig has been a lifeguard, a swim coach, swim lesson instructor, pool manager, sales manager, and even a bartender before founding Sears Pool Management in 1997. Craig served as President of the GA Chapter…..

Episode 1: Let’s Talk About Orenda

Episode 1 of Let’s Talk About Pools features guest Harold Evans from Orenda Technologies. He speaks candidly about the pool industry and the contributions his company has brought to it with Podcast host Lauren Broom.

A little bit about Orenda……

An Orenda pool is one you would happily let your kids and grandkids play in.  It is a pool full of water without long-term byproducts. A pool managed with proactive pool care, more deliberate practices, and minimal chemical use, treated with mindfulness, preventing common problems that pool operators fight every day.

Our line of natural pool chemicals are formulated with a solid foundation in science and meet the strictest standards of quality and purity in the industry: Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50.

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