Aquatics Consulting Services Perfect for

Commercial pool builders, Pool Service companies, pool contractors, hotel maintenance technicians, Apartment maintenance technician, Assisted living facilities, property management maintenance technicians, and community association managers.

Listen to what a customer had to say…..
With last minute changes to a variance request I was able to get my application applied to the Gleneagles Country Club, where all this started and got it approved for their pool. Three pools were also approved in Lake Nona. It’s a win to me to have the Aquapole program approved for use in the Florida pools. I really appreciated working with Lauren Broom on this collaboration to get this variance approved through the Florida Dept of Health Variance Board process. ——Maria, AquaPole


  • Ensure compliance with Florida state pool inspector
  • Ensure proper safety at your facility
  • Reduce disease outbreaks and injuries
  • Reduce closures and monetary fines or other type of punitive action to your facility
  • Increase satisfaction among the persons using the aquatic facility
  • Assistance wtih writing of variances to FLDOH public pool rules

Public Pool Heath Pre-Inspections

Are you ready for your Florida Dept. of Health public pool inspection?

Obtain a quality control pre-inspection before your state pool inspector shows up to ensure compliance.  Perfect for Facility managers, Commercial pool builders, and Businesses with pools.

For public pools, our consulting includes

  • Pool Deck Pre-Inspection
  • Pool Chemistry Pre-Inspection
  • Pool Equipment Pre-Inspection
  • Assistance in writing of variance to FLDOH rules
  • Assistance in completing FLDOH forms for all modifications, construction, & resurfacing
  • Assistance in forms required for SVRS/ SLVS systems for direct suction pools
  • Public records requests from FLDOH to help enhance your monetary income

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