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Space Coast Pool School Has Made It Easy To Increase Your Pool Education.

Thanks to our brand new virtual learning modules, pool pros and aquatic experts all over the U.S. can gain expertise and keep their credits current with our classes. 

Continuing Education In The Pool Industry Is Our Priority

As a leader in the CPO certification industry, Space Coast is now bringing you a simple and ongoing solution for pool health and safety.  

Career Advancement

Whether you own a pool mainteance company and want to keep up to date  with the rules and regulations, or you want to educate your employees… THIS is the system to use.  

All virtual CE classes are created by Lauran Broom, an industry leader in pool CPO, ongoing learning and health regulations for pool pros in Florida and the U.S.

The Place Flordia Public Health Classes Come Together.

If you’re a Florida pool contractor, community association manager or pool professional, THESE CLASSES ARE ONGOING CREDITS / CEU’s Continuing Education Units which are necessary to renew your Florida Pool License. 

These are THE ONLY pre-recorded courses dedicated and approved for Florida Pool code.  Every class is approved by the state and counts towards your CEU credits.  Spacecoast Pool School is the ONLY approved provider offering these virtual classes for Florida. 

This is necessary education on YOUR TIME and at your convenience.  Take classes in any order… at your pace.  Pick one class or view them all to maximize your knowledge base.  Each one hour module is $50 and 2 hour modules are $100.

GET STARTED NOW by picking any class. 

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Florida Pool Courses Intro Module: Understanding The Public Pool Inspection Process

CILB Providership #0008796

Instructor:  Lauren Broom

Phone: 321-726-8509

50 minutes/ 1 CE Credit Hour (General)

About The Course: Dive into “Florida Pool Courses: Understanding The Inspection Process” for a concise 55-minute exploration of public and private pool distinctions, communication protocols for inspections, and decoding inspection reports. Led by a seasoned professional with 17+ years of Environmental Health & Safety experience, the course equips you to identify pool types, communicate effectively with health agencies, and navigate the Florida Department of Health website. Choose from in-person lectures, pre-recorded content, or live virtual sessions.Assess your understanding through a virtual quiz! Benefit from the instructor’s B.S. in Biology and OSHA 10 & 30 authorization, ensuring students acquire expertise with efficiency! 1 CE Credit Hour & downloadable certificate upon completion.

Florida Pool Courses: Module 2: Public Pool Fenced Area

CILB Providership #0008796

Instructor:  Lauren Broom

Phone: 321-726-8509

50 minutes/ 1 CE Credit Hour (General)

Explore the intricacies of public pool safety and compliance with our self-paced course, “Florida Pool Courses Module 2: Public Pool Fenced Area.” Delve into critical topics such as Public Pool Barriers and Access Gates, Lifesaving Equipment and Pool Rules Signs, Water Clarity, VGB Covers, and Pool/Deck Condition, and more. With a total duration of 93 minutes, this course offers comprehensive insights to ensure the safety and well-being of pool users. Earn one CE Credit Hour as you progress through engaging lectures and pre-recorded content accessible via our Learning Management System. Test your understanding with an interactive Online Quiz and complete an Online Exit Evaluation to solidify your knowledge. Join us in mastering the essential aspects of public pool management and safety.

Florida Pool Courses: Module 3: VGB & Direct Suction Safety Devices

CILB Providership #0008796

Instructor:  Lauren Broom

Phone: 321-726-8509

50 minutes/ 1 CE Credit Hour (General)

Discover vital insights at your own pace with our self paced course, “Florida Pool Courses Module 3: VGB and Direct Suction Safety Devices.” In just 53 minutes, explore direct suction safety hazards, approved main drain covers, and various safety devices. Earn one CE Credit Hour while grasping the definition and importance of direct suction safety. Delivered through in-person lectures, pre-recorded content on our Learning Management System, or live virtual sessions, the course ensures flexibility. Assess your knowledge with a virtual quiz and receive a downloadable certificate.

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