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Class & Learning Resources


At Space Coast Pool School, We Want To Make It Simple For You To Succeed.  That’s Why We Have Compiled A HIGH-QUALITY Collection Of Proprietary Videos That Will Help You Before, During and After Your CPO Certification With Us. 

Proper Water Testing Tutorial

One of the most basic, but important videos in our entire collection, let Lauren Broom (Certified CPO Instructor) show you how to PROPERLY test pool water for all the necessary parameters.

CPO Math Class Prep

This extremely valuable video will show you how to properly calculate and understand the mathmatic variable involved in proper pool chemistry and water flow.  

The CPO Class Prep Essentials

Whether you want to learn about the content of our course or, you are attending a Space Coast CPO Class, this video is a “must watch” before you begin your CPO curriculum.

The Importance And Function Of Your Test Kit

The most basic and mandatory tool for every pool technician is the water test kit. Learn the most important factors in choosing and using a kit now  

What CPO Course Is Right For You?

Dive in and let Lauren Broom explain the unique CPO certification offerings from Space Coast CPO.   We have the perfect fit for every pool pro, no matter how busy or how knowledgeable.

How To Access Our Pool Opererator Courses

A quick video that shows every student how to access the class & material for the 8 hour self paced course Pool Operator Primer.


We Are Proud To Introduce Our Brand New, Online Residential Service Series Module 1: Pool Water Chemistry A to Z.  Click The Image And Learn How Our $75, Three Hour Course Can Expand Your Knowledge Base & Improve Maintenance Outcomes For Every Client.

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