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OSHA 10 Course in General Industry for Aquatic Professionals.

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This class is now approved for Virtual delivery for contractor renewal of your pool contractor license.
14 Total Hours ( 13-General & 1-Workplace Safety)
FLDBPR Provider # 0008796
Online Course # 0614379

Why take this OSHA 10 Course and what makes it different from others you find on the internet that are cheaper??
Those other OSHA 10 courses are pre-recorded versus mine being LIVE Virtual (meaning you can ask me questions actively).
The pre-recorded cheaper courses also are generalized for all industries versus mine is SPECIFIC to the Pool Industry Professional!!

What is OSHA 10 in General Industry for Aquatic Professionals??
This OSHA 10-hour training program is specific to aquatic professionals and the swimming pool industry. It teaches basic safety and health information to entry-level workers in general industry. The difference is that this is the first OSHA 10 training program that is geared to the pool industry. Each topic is discussed with examples that make it relevant to those in this industry. It is part of the OSHA Outreach Training Program, which explains serious workplace hazards, workers’ rights, employer responsibilities and how to file an OSHA complaint. This program will help employees and employers to identify and reduce safety and health hazards in their workplaces.
This training program can be applied to a single owner company or a very large company. Pool chemical and parts suppliers can also benefit from this training program.


What does the training cover?
This training program covers  a variety of topics beneficial to the health and safety of pool service owners and workers in the areas of:

Electrical safety & Lock-out/ Tag-out procedures

Fire Safety

Outdoor worker safety

Hazard Communication

Hazardous Materials

Materials handling

Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)

Walking & Working Surfaces

Fall Protection


Confined Space

Compressed Gas Safety

Pressurized Vessel Safety

Blood-borne Pathogens

*Extra topics that can be added for pool chemical/pool parts suppliers: forklift safety/ warehouse safety

How does this course benefit pool companies and their employees?
At this time, there has been no education offered like this to the pool industry that helps to train employees on how to keep themselves safe. Pool techs have very unique outdoor workplaces that bring its own occupational hazards which do not exist for other occupations. Most pool industry education revolves around how to maintain aquatic facilities safe for pool owners or customer. The hope for the future of this training is for it to change the perception of the industry on this educational topic. 

The ONLY OSHA 10 Live Virtual Certification Available in the Pool Industry. 
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