Chlorine Levels for Pool Area Disinfection for COVID-19
by Lauren Broom, B.S., R.S., PHTA Instructor

    Household Chlorine                   (Bleach)

Household bleach is 6% bleach active ingredient sodium hypochlorite with a final strength of 600 ppm, and the 6% bleach is available from grocery and big box stores. 

The 600 ppm chlorine strength from 2.5 TBSP in a gallon of water must have a wet contact time of 2 minutes.

     Pool Chlorine (Bleach)

The liquid commercial strength from a pool store is double~ 12%.  So this commercial grade for pools could be diluted by using half the amount of 12% bleach (Only 1.25 TBSP) for the mix with a gallon of water to acheive the 600 ppm strength desired.  

Any brand of High Range Chlorine test strips should be used to verify the 600 ppm residual is achieved.

For disinfection of handrails, doorknobs and other frequently touched surfaces, charts indicate a stronger chlorine solution, just over 1,200 ppm chlorine from mixing 1/3 cup (or 5.3 TBSP) to a gallon of water, with a wet contact time of 1 minute.


Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) for use of the finished disinfectant is eye protection and rubber gloves, so can also be worn mixing the bleach with water.

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