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100% Virtual CPO

If you are a pool pro or pool property owner / manager in Pennyslvania, New Jersey or New York, this class makes it simple to get CPO certifed online via our 5 Star Zoom Class.   100% VIRTUAL our CPO class includes Online Self-paced course 8 hours at your leisure and complete prior to the date of the Live Virtual Class Review and Online CPO Test day that you selected at registration. Live Virtual Class is conducted through Zoom. Test taken online and graded right then!! Any person from any state or country can take this version from the comfort of their own home!!

The Lowest Price In PA – NJ or NY

Only $355

Your VIRTUAL CPO Class will be broken up into sections

CPO Certification In Just THREE Simple Steps.

Step 1

The Pool Operator Primer (POP)A self guided 8 hour online course and completed on your schedule online at home.

Step 2

Live Virtual Online Review Class (LVC)Zoom virtual meeting 11 am – 4 pm (Eastern Time) with Lauren Broom (LIVE)

Step 3

Live Proctored CPO Exam Using Zoom 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Eastern Time on same day of Zoom session

100% Online Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course

Purchase ANY NUMBER of CPO Class Tickets To The Event Date That Fits Your Exact Need.  Just Scrool Down, Select Your Date and Check Out.  All Details Will Be Emailed Right To You For Total Convenience. 

Class Materials Provided

Certified Pool Operator Handbook will be mailed to the address that you register with prior to Live Virtual Class.

Handouts will be emailed to the email address on your registration along with the CPO Math Helper for review.

Check To See That Your State or Province Accepts Online CPO.

Our Up-To-Date List Of States Accepting Online Certification Is Below.

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 U.S. States & Canadian Provinces Offering Virtual CPO Classes: Verify That Your State/ Province/ Country Recognizes Virtual Certification. 

The Virtual CPO class is available worldwide and though it is accepted in many areas, it is not approved for pool technician certification in all. To ensure the Virtual CPO Certification course meets the requirements of your jurisdiction, it is recommended that you contact your regulating authority prior to purchasing.

    NOT Approved in Baldwin County AL
    Approved in City of Anchorage AK
    NOT Approved in Cochise County
    NOT Approved in Pima County
  • NOT Approved in DELAWARE
  • District of Columbia
  • FLORIDA(Approved with 3rd party proctor provided by PHTA-part of fee)
  • GEORGIA(Approved until 10/31/2021)
  • NOT Approved in IDAHO
  • NOT Approved in INDIANA
  • NOT Approved in IOWA
  • MASSACHUSETTS(Approved for 3 yr. cert.)
    NOT Approved in St. Charles County
    NOT Approved in City of Kansas City
    Approved in St. Louis County
  • NOT Approved in MONTANA
  • NOT Approved in NEBRASKA
    Approved in Southern Nevada Health District
    Approved in Washoe County
    Approved in City of Albuquerque NM
    Approved in Bernalillo County
    Approved in Suffolk County NY
  • OHIO
    Approved in Allegheny County PA
  • UTAH
    Approved in City of Alexandria VA
    NOT Approved in Arlington County VA
    Approved in Fairfax County VA
    Approved in Loudoun County VA
  • NOT Approved in WYOMING
  • Alberta, Canada

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Constant Communication 

We look to provide increased values to projects. That entails having a robust communication platform in which to make changes and never being married to one idea or concept. We understand that many designs change over time due to feedback or time constraints. Our staff utilizes a very robust communication infrastructure to provide expedited response time to whatever layout or timetable changes may occur. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

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