Pool Tools of Your Trade: Primate Pool Tools Service Pole

Guest Blog Author: Joe DiAnna, CEO

The next generation of pool service poles are here!

In 2014 Primate Pool Tools created the first and only carbon fiber service poles of their kind.

With 30 years of experiance in the pool industry and a deep commitment to using high quality materials, my son’s and I designed an ultra light weight pool service pole with superior strength, performance, and features that make work easier on the pool pros. 

Working with a master carbon fiber manufacturer here in the USA and his 30 years of experience, innovative proprietary methods and equipment we developed a service pole 5 times stronger than aluminum but with half the weight. 

The result has been a game changer in the lives of thousands of pool professionals in the US and all over the world.

Dakota Sweeney, Swimming Bear of Instagram using Primate Tools Pool Service Pole  for netting the pool.

Dakota Sweeney, Swimming Bear of Instagram using the same Primate Tools Pool Service Pole for vacuuming pool with pool vacuum. Shows versatility of this pole.

The strength to weight ratio results in more energy transferred to all pool cleaning tools with less effort. All our users report a dramatic change in their work days and relief of different ailments from the repetitive duties required in the maintenance business. 

We tested and developed the product in our commercial service company in San Diego for two years before daring to releasing it to our fellow pool professionals because we wanted a product that would not let them down. Our pole is the only one of its kind with a full year commercial warranty,

I am very proud that my son’s and I created a new product category in the pool industry, that is high quality, high performance service poles. This has actually affected the entire pole market as existing manufacturers scampered to keep up with the performance characteristics of our products. 

We encourage all professionals who would like the main tool they use to be the best possible to give our products a try.

Dakota Sweeney, Swimming Bear of Instagram, stated to Lauren Broom of Space Coast Pool School that her Primate Pool Service pole fell of her vehicle one day into the road. Another vehicle ran over the pole before she could retrieve. She stated that the pole was unaffected by this event. This just shows the versatility once again of this awesome pool service tool!!

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