By Jim Odom

Have you ever wanted to turn your spa on or heater for the pool while traveling home from work or from the comfort of your home? 

Well now you can with an inexpensive upgrade to your Jandy Aqualink controller. The SMART SPA REMOTE is an after-market add on printed circuit board (PCB) that works with old and new Jandy controllers (Jandy Aqualink 2.0, Aqualink RS models : RS 4,6,8,12,16,24,32, 2/6, 2/10,2/14,2/22,2/30).

It adds ALEXA voice, wifi  and app capabilities to your Jandy and without the expensive Jandy  iAqulaink Web Connect upgrade Jandy requires, plus it works with the older RS models.


You simple connect a few wires to the Jandy Spa Connector, you connect up 2 wires for power , you use your phone to configure the SMART SPA REMOTE so that it has access to your home wifi. You open up the free Alexa app , it discovers 4 devices plus the temperature and you are off and running. You can control any 4 relays or actuators and view the pool/spa temperature.


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Demonstration Video

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