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Online Certified Pool Operator®(CPO®) Course Option

Online Certified Pool Operator® CPO® Course Option The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance is temporarily allowing full online option for the Certified Pool Operator CPO Course due to the current global pandemic of COVID-19. The format is set up as a 8 hour self paced online...

Public Pools & COVID-19

Public Pools & COVID-19 Author: Lauren Broom, B.S., R.S., PHTA Instructor The COVID-19 virus is deactivated quickly using your regulatory pool code compliant chlorine or bromine levels in pools and spas. Per CDC and the World Health Organization, there is no...


Technology for Pool Safety Awareness By: Mr. Lee C. Richerson Jr. CEO Minds Over Matter LLC Here in the 21st Century we humans  consider ourselves tech savvy, yet with all the high-Tech advances we have made, we still have not solved the problem of unintentional...

Animals in Florida Public Swimming Pools

Animals in Florida Public Swimming Pools Which animals are allowed in Florida public swimming pool areas? When you visit a public pool in Florida you may see any type of dog within the fenced in pool area. It does not mean this dog should be there. People love...

Prevent Childhood Drowning

Drowning: The Silent Aquatic Public Health Threat What can be done to reduce the drowning threat in our local communities? By: Lauren Broom, Space Coast Pool School, LLC Table of Contents Introduction Aquatic facilities provide exercise, recreation and entertainment...

When is an Upper Base Solution feeder needed??

https://youtu.be/F_EgwTdPi6c This video instructs pool operators in Florida on when there is a need to operate an upper base solution feeder with a Tri-chlor erosion feeder on a public commercial swimming pool. www.spacecoastpoolschool.com    

Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator Set up

https://youtu.be/rbdKXPCpA9Y This is a very typical set up of a Florida commercial pool salt chlorine generator with ORP controller and back up chlorine and acid system to kick in when the salt chlorine generator cannot keep up with the chemical demand in the pool.

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